Cancer Patient Mocked by Samantha Bee’s TBS Show Says He Was Given ‘A Half Apology’

By Chris Ariens 

Kyle Coddington, who is undergoing treatment for stage 4 glioblastoma, an incurable form of cancer, and who was featured in segment of the TBS show Full Frontal, went on Fox & Friends this morning to talk about being mocked as someone with a “nazi haircut.”

The segment called out several young men with short-cropped haircuts who attended the conservative gathering CPAC last month. As it turns out, Coddington is a registered democrat and was at CPAC to cover the event. He calls himself a political moderate.

Coddington has not heard from host Samantha Bee personally, but she did apologize on Twitter. “We deeply apologize for offending you. We only learned of his condition today,” she wrote.

Coddington calls that a “kind of a half apology.

I would say the effects of this go much further than just insulting me and the illness itself. It’s just inconsiderate and very unprofessional to lump together anyone who has a certain hairstyle or just by the way they look.

Coddington appreciates that the show donated $1,000 to his Go Fund Me page. His original goal was $2,500. During the Fox segment it stood at $20,000. Since the segment aired just a few hours ago, it has now topped $76,000.