California Man Acquires Andy Rooney’s Typewriter

By Alex Weprin 

Longtime “60 Minutes” editorialist Andy Rooney was famous for his aversion to new and glitzy technology. For most of his career at CBS, he typed out his editorials on a typewriter. Now, one of those machines has been acquired (for thousands of dollars) by a California man who collects the typewriters of the rich and famous. The Daily New Canaan explains.

Moreover, the acquisition apparently came at the expense of CBS News:

“Meanwhile, CBS has called three times asking for the typewriter,” Soboroff said.

Brewster Jackson confirmed that CBS called looking for the typewriter. Elizabeth Jackson confirmed it went for “quite a few thousand” dollars.

The typewriter is now headed to Soboroff, who thinks he has one of two typewriters that Rooney used. The other is at the Smithsonian Institution.