Cablers Still Mostly Silent on John Edwards Enquirer Story

By SteveK 

The John Edwards National Enquirer story (dubbed ‘babydaddygate’ by Dallas Morning News columnists Sharon Grigsby) that hit last month but has been largely ignored by the cablers, took a new turn this week. The Enquirer is presenting photo “proof” in the current issue of the tabloid.

So far this week, CNN and MSNBC have not touched the topic. Fox News Channel has devoted two segments to the story, one from Bill O’Reilly during a Factor segment with Bernie Goldberg, and the other in a “Kelly’s Court” session led by Megyn Kelly.

At the end of the segment (which focused more on the legal ramifications), Kelly offered her take: “The National Enquirer has been right before. It has also been way off base. If this is true, it could devastate Edwards’ reputation and perhaps his marriage. However until the story is verified by the alleged mistress, by a witness with first hand knowledge, who goes on the record with proof, or by this infamous videotape, people need to keep an open mind.”

So will the story gain traction in the mainstream media? And what happens at the DNC convention later this month?

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