Cablers Cover Rejected McCain Op-Ed

By SteveK 

One of the big topics of the day on the cable news channels is Drudge Report’s story about the New York Times rejecting Sen. John McCain’s proposed Op-Ed about Iraq. Fox News has Carl Cameron reporting the story, MSNBC’s Chris Matthews talked about it on Hardball and Howard Kurtz gave his take last hour on CNN: “One irony of the internet age: the rejected piece will probably wind up getting far more attention by the controversy whipped up by Matt Drudge then if the New York Times had just gone ahead and published it,” said Kurtz.

We hear prime time programs are gearing up for more on the story, with Hannity & Colmes, Larry King Live (with Glenn Beck filling in), Campbell Brown: Election Center and Anderson Cooper 360 set to cover it.

Click continued to see Kurtz’ report from The Situation Room today…