Cablers Cover Murdoch Testimony Before Parliament: ‘This is the Most Humble Day of My Life’

By Alex Weprin 

News Corp. CEO Rupert Murdoch and his son, James Murdoch, are testifying before Parliament this morning. As you can see above, the appearance is getting extensive coverage from the cable news channels.

“This is the most humble day of my life,” the elder Murdoch said.

Update: More from the testimony are after the jump.

During questioning, Rupert Murdoch says that there is “no evidence” that any hacking took place in America, and of 9/11 victims in particular. If it were found that it took place, Murdoch said that there would be an investigation.

James Murdoch seems to be taking the lead, with the elder Murdoch not able to answer many of the MP’s questions. When asked whether ultimately he is responsible for fiasco the company finds itself, Murdoch says no, and that “people who I trusted” were to blame.

The chyrons of the three cable news channels tell their own story. As You can see below, FNC plays defense, quoting Murdoch as saying that he employes over 53,000 people worldwide (with the unspoken assumption being that he could not be aware of all wrongdoing in his company). CNN plays offense, saying that Murdoch “denies culpability” for the actions of his company, while MSNBC quotes Murdoch as saying “The people I trusted are responsible.”

Murdoch was accosted by someone in the room. More here.

MP Mensch brought up CNN host Piers Morgan in her question, referencing his discussion of phone-hacking in his auto-biography. Asked is the culture of tabloids at the time wsas corrupt, and whether News of the World journalists felt entitled to use those techniques. More here.