Cablers Cover Death of Heath Ledger

By SteveK 

Neal Cavuto on Fox News and Chris Jansing on MSNBC talked with their entertainment reporters upon reporting the news that actor Heath Ledger had been found dead in his Manhattan apartment this afternoon. FNC reported the news at 4:44pmET, with entertainment reporter Jill Dobson joining Cavuto to report the story. MSNBC followed a few seconds later, with Jansing joined by Courtney Hazlett. On CNN, Wolf Blitzer tossed to Carol Costello at 4:46 who reported the news from Atlanta. Blitzer then continued with politics. MSNBC rounded out the hour with Jansing/Hazlett before airing Hardball at 5pmET. FNC’s Big Story has been spending much of its hour on the story. Below are photos taken at the scene (5:15pmET) as local news gathered to report the story.

(Photos: Steve Krakauer/TVNewser)

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