Cable Roadblock For Fugitive Capture

By Brian 

> Update: 10:10am: Fox News broke in with the news at 10:27pm; CNN followed at 10:32pm; and MSNBC had it at 10:35pm.

As I received the news alert, MSNBC’s Rita Cosby was reporting from Tennessee on Scarborough Country and CNN was playing the “Breaking News” music. But on HLN, a taped Nancy Grace was telling viewers that they were “still on the loose…”

> Update: 10:50pm: All three cablers covered the press conference live. (Rita Cosby asked the first question.) Nancy Grace was still on tape.

> Update: 11:06pm: This is the type of night that MSNBC should really promote its “live at 11” primetime. Tucker Carlson is hosting the coverage on MS (and CNN is continuing its “breaking news” coverage with Aaron Brown) while FNC is airing O’Reilly’s encore.

> Update: 11:27pm: MSNBC thought about handing the second half of the Situation over to Cosby, but then decided to air a special live edition of Live & Direct at midnight instead…