Cable News Wakes Up to School Shooting

By Alex Weprin 

Usually the cable news channels spend the Monday after the Oscars talking about the winners, or what the stars were wearing. This morning however reality creeped in, with news of a school shooting in Ohio.

The network morning shows continued with their usual Oscar-centric coverage (except in Ohio, where local stations broke in), while on cable the focus shifted to the midwest.

Fox News was first to report the shooting at 8:23 AM, according to TVEyes. CNN was not far behind at 8:35 AM, while MSNBC did not report the news until a half-hour later at 9:07 AM during “Daily Rundown.”

CNN and FNC went into what was effectively rolling coverage by 8:45, though commercial breaks and a few other stories were still featured. MSNBC didn’t go into rolling coverage until toward the end of the 9 AM hour.