Cable News Covers as Explosion Rocks Oslo

By Alex Weprin 

This morning a massive explosion ripped through Oslo, Norway, nearly decimating a block of government buildings. Because the explosion was in Oslo, (American TV news organizations do not have a heavy presence in the Nordic states), the news broke rather slowly stateside on TV. Update: the story has taken a turn for the worse, as reports now say that there is also a shooting at a youth camp believed to be related to the bombing.

Of the “big three” cable news channels, Fox News Channel was first to report on the explosions at 10 AM ET according to TVEyes, followed by CNN at 10:04 AM ET, and MSNBC at 10:13 AM ET.

All were beaten to the story by two cable news channels with a wide international presence, CNN International, which reported the story at 9:42 AM ET and Bloomberg at 9: 52 AM ET.

Fox Business Network reported the story at 10:01 AM ET, with CNBC alerting its viewers at 10:11 AM ET.

While the story has become the big story on CNN International, the U.S.-based channels are providing occasional updates, interspersed with the more standard political fare.