Cable Network Ranker: Week of June 4

By Alex Weprin 

Between the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee and the Wisconsin recall election, it was a busy week news-wise last week. Unfortunately, that news was not reflected in the cable network ranker, with CNN (which usually gets a ratings boost from big news events), MSNBC and Fox News all placing about where they usually do, or a little lower.

As usual Fox News was the top cable news channel among ad-supported cable networks, placing 5th in primetime with 1.95 million viewers, and 8th in total day with 1.12 million.

MSNBC was 27th in primetime and 32nd in total day with 664,000 and 380,000 viewers, respectively. CNN placed 39th in primetime and 36th in total day with 408,000 and 304,000 viewers, respectively.

HLN placed 44th in both primetime and total day, averaging 310,000 and 221,000 viewers, respectively. Current TV was 93rd in primetime and total day, averaging 31,000 and 24,000 viewers.

As for the business networks: CNBC placed 53rd in primetime and 55th in total day, averaging 194,000 and 130,000 viewers, respectively. Fox Business Network placed 84th in primetime and 79th in total day with 71,000 and 57,000 viewers, respectively. Bloomberg TV isn’t rated by Nielsen, and hasn’t been since launching back in 1994.

The full ranker is below.

All Cable Ranker Week of 6-4-12-1