Cable Network Ranker: Week of July 16

By Alex Weprin 

The week of July 16 was punctuated with the terrible shooting in Colorado on Friday, resulting in continued coverage throughout the weekend. As one would expect, cable news ratings were elevated slightly above average for the week as a result.

Fox News Channel placed third in primetime and fourth in total day among all ad-supported cable networks. The channel averaged 1.92 million viewers in primetime and 1.17 million viewers in total day. MSNBC ws 20th in primetime and 25th in total day with 763,000 and 448,000 viewers, respectively. CNN was 27th in prime and 26th in total day with 654,000 and 441,000 viewers, respectively.

HLN placed 40th in prime and 41st in total day with 348,000 and 268,000 viewers, respectively. Current TV was 91t in primetime and 92nd in total day with 37,000 and 30,000 viewers, respectively.

Among business nets: CNBC placed 59th in primetime and 56th in total day, averaging 168,000 and 129,000 viewers, respectively. Fox Business placed 86th in primetime and 84th in total day with 65,000, 58,000 viewers, respectively. Bloomberg TV hasn’t been rated by Nielsen since it was founded in the mid-90s.

The full cable network ranker is below.

Cable Ranker Week of 7-16-12