Cable Makes Faulty Landing Gear Seem “More Prevalent” Than It Really Is

By Brian 

Speaking of airplane drama overload: “Suspense in the skies from airliners with problems is fast becoming a staple of cable news television in the United States, aided by satellite-equipped news crews from local affiliates that allow the images to be shown live,” Reuters says.

“Problems like this (faulty landing gear) are fairly rare, but seem more prevalent than they are” because they are now being shown as they happen, said Chris Dancy of the Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association. “It’s like the freeway chases of a few years ago — it’s good pictures, it’s compelling and there’s easy access to the pictures.”

The best quote comes from Jim Naureckas of the group Fairness and Accuracy in Reporting, who says: “Cable TV news is one of the big disappointments of the modern media age. You’ve got 24 hours a day and you could be looking at problems affecting people and examining a wide range of solutions. Instead you have these sensational stories that are drawn out as soap operas.”