Bush, Rove, Mehlman On Memogate

By Brian 

Bill Sammon‘s book launch is continuing on Drudge today. We now have President Bush and Karl Rove openly criticizing Dan Rather and co.

Rather’s decision to broadcast allegedly forged documents proves he is “no serious reporter,” Rove says. But it hurt Rather and his colleagues at CBS, Rove adds: “It further disgraced a network which is third in ratings and, if you look at the demographics of their consumers, it’s like 70 percent Democrat.”

Bush calls the forgeries a “conspiracy” but he acknowledges that it helped his re-election campaign.

“It looks like somebody conspired to float false documents,” Bush says. “And I was amazed about it. I just couldn’t believe that would be happening [and] then it would become the basis of a fairly substantial series of news stories.”

The most revealing quote probably comes from RNC chairman Ken Mehlman: “It also, frankly, gave us an opportunity, frequently, when things came out in the media that we didn’t believe or didn’t like, to say, ‘It’s another CBS story.’ I mean, it gave us a serious response to bad news.”
Here’s the rest of the one-sided story…