Bush In Primetime: Plans

By Brian 

> FNC: Bill O’Reilly at 8; The Big Story Weekend at 9:30, with “immediate reaction…from our servicemen and women in Iraq.” Brit Hume’s religion special, which was previously scheduled for 9, will air at 10.

> CNN: Wolf Blitzer is in The Situation Room at 8; Larry King at 9; and Blitzer is back at 10.

> MSNBC: Brian Williams‘ “Day with the President” special at 7; Meet the Press at 8; speech coverage hosted by Keith Olbermann at 9; reaction with Tucker Carlson at 10. (The Meth special originally scheduled at 9 will air at 6.)

> NBC: Brian Williams will anchor live coverage at 9.

> ABC: Will broadcast the speech at 9. Anchor unknown.

> CBS: Bob Schieffer will anchor.