“Bullied By Billy”

By Brian 

“After an all day advertising campaign on MSNBC framing Bill O’Reilly as being afraid of Keith Olbermann‘s name (putting to rest the notion that Olbermann doesn’t have MSNBC and NBC’s backing), Countdown devoted Segment 2 to ‘Falafel Force/Bullied by Billy’” on Thursday, ICN says.

Olbermann interviewed the caller who was cut off by O’Reilly after uttering Olby’s name on The Radio Factor. “Countdown added more drama to the file by hiding Mick’s face because he was scared FOX News Security would go after him after him,” NewsBusters says.

Now it’s O’Reilly’s turn to respond again. An e-mailer made an interesting point today: “Am I the only person who has noticed the normally ferocious Fox News press department has been conspicuously quiet during this Olbermann-O’Reilly spat?” (Remember, “ferocious” is his word, not mine.)

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