Brown Leaves NBC: Her “Mornings Free”

By Guest 

Could it be a further hint of Campbell Brown’s TV future? During her emotional good-bye to co-anchor Lester Holt, Holt said “you’ve been bragging how you’re going to have your mornings free.” Even with a baby on the way, Brown said she hopes “to be sleeping in.” A primetime gig should facilitate that….

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“This is my last weekend on the show. I’m leaving the Today show and NBC News. This last year and a half has been a pretty important time in my life. I got married, and now we have a baby on the way. And I’m making some decisions right now that I think make a lot of sense for me and my family. I’m not going away, though. I’m going to be pursuing a new opportunity in television that I’ll talk about at a later time. Today, I just want to say thank you to NBC News. I’ve been at NBC for almost my whole career, and it has been home to me for a long time. And the people here are like family. I’ve had so many incredible opportunities here. I’m so grateful for them. I’m going to miss everyone very much. I also really want to thank the people in this room, who you can’t see, who are the ones behind the camera, and downstairs in our control room, they’re the ones who make the show happen and make Lester and I look good. You all are the best. You have made me laugh and have made me — or have made coming to work in the morning at the crack of dawn genuinely fun for me. And last but not least, I have to thank the man sitting next to me. I cannot have a better co-host or a better friend.”