Brokaw Puts Aside Waders For Candidates

By Chris Ariens 

The NYTimes’ Bill Carter talked with Tom Brokaw after it was announced he would be moderating Meet the Press through the November elections.

“I volunteered,” Mr. Brokaw said in a telephone interview from his ranch in Montana. “A number of people had suggested it. Steve Capus and I talked about it over the weekend. I looked at my calendar and manipulated a couple of personal things, and I told him I can get us through the election.”

Mr. Capus, president of NBC News, said in a telephone interview, “When Tom proposed this idea, we jumped at it,” adding: “It was a huge relief. It offers us some time.”

As for Brokaw’s peaceful Montana summer, he tells Carter, “I won’t be in my waders quite as much.” But technology will help. “Right now I’m in my cabin office. I’m 20 miles from the nearest town, and I’m able to do all my research right here.”

Brokaw may not moderate each and every Sunday from now through November. At the close of MTP yesterday, Brian Williams said, “I’ll be back here from time to time on Sunday mornings.”

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