Broadcast Nets Fizzle With Election

By SteveK 

Variety reports the broadcast networks that spent the most time covering Super Tuesday had the least viewers. FOX network, which aired American Idol and House in prime time, easily won the night.

NBC came in second for the night with a two hour “Biggest Loser” episode and an hour of Super Tuesday coverage at 10pm.

CBS, which aired two hours of primary/caucus coverage from 9pm-11pm, finished third for the night, helped by a strong 8pm showing of NCIS. ABC’s 5-hour blowout of election coverage finished fourth.

Variety’s Rick Kissell writes, “Cable news networks likely boosted their deliveries with primary coverage.” We should know soon enough. TVNewser expects cable ratings within the hour.

>More: Here is the Total Viewer break down for the broadcast networks in prime time: FOX, 25.5M; NBC, 7.2M; CBS, 6.1M; ABC, 5.3M.