Bridge Collapse: Evening News Ratings

By Chris Ariens 

With the big 3 network anchors on the ground (and Charlie Gibson in the sky) covering the collapse of the 35W bridge, NBC Nightly News with Brian Williams came out on top in the metered-market ratings race. (The top 56 television markets are considered metered-markets. Ratings information is provided the following morning)

NBC Nightly News: 6.2/13
ABC World News: 5.9/12
CBS Evening News: 4.4/9

Meanwhile, a CBS News insider tells TVNewser there is a lot of good buzz at Evening News about last night’s broadcast. “This is a people story and Katie (Couric) can tell people stories better than anyone; but more than that it was good journalism.”

>More: emailers add, “Katie and the correspondents really seemed completely on top of their game last night. Very well put together, presented, and anchored broadcast. It should help put to rest some of the doubts people continue to have…”, “Katie also did a nice job closing the broadcast with a ‘mini-commentary’ at the end.”