Brian Williams to Have Canadian Competiton During Olympics… From Brian Williams

By Chris Ariens 

When NBC’s Brian Williams heads to Vancouver in February to cover the 2010 Winter Olympics for “Nightly News”, he’ll have some competition from the Bob Costas of Canada — whose name happens to be Brian Williams.

The Canadian Brian Williams, of CTV, is considered the dean of Olympic broadcasting in Canada. He reported on his first Olympics at the 1976 Summer Games in Montreal. Vancouver will mark the 13th Olympic Games Williams has covered.

So, will it be a face-off at center ice? Curling rocks at dawn, that kind of thing? The south of the border Brian Williams says no, eh.


“I’ve told Brian Williams, as I once told Reuters Tokyo Bureau Chief Brian Williams, that this business isn’t big enough for both of us,” U.S. citizen Brian Williams tells TVNewser.

“I’m actually looking forward to seeing Brian in Vancouver. We’ve been in touch in the past — and I have always identified myself to Canadians as the ‘other’ Brian Williams.”

Atlanta Falcons cornerback Brian Williams could not be reached for comment.