Brian Williams’ Seat on the “Supreme Court”

By SteveK 

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The cover story of the current issue of AARP Magazine is a feature on Brian Williams by Joe Conason. Williams describes his role on the Nightly News as that of a Supreme Court justice.

“I’m in the Brokaw seat on the Supreme Court,” he said. “Tom used to view it as being in the Chancellor seat; and before him, Frank McGee; and before him, Huntley and Brinkley. And we see it as a continuum.”

Brokaw talks about the decision to bring Williams to NBC in the article. “I never understood why CBS wasn’t finding more room for him at the network level,” he said. “I told him, ‘If you look around, there is nobody behind me. You can get in line.'”

Williams is also asked about both presidential candidates,and reveals a behind-the-scenes story about each. Click continued to check it out…

McCain in New Hampshire:

“McCain arrives for a rally. And he has promised us an interview. It was the last thing he wanted to do. It was bedlam. We had fire marshal issues, crowd-control issues. Our microphone didn’t work. McCain wanted to walk out. He was, I will say, having known him for a long time, in a foul mood. I didn’t blame him. It was the end of a grueling day.” A network television interview “was the last thing he wanted to do-and he did it. And he was pleasant, and he honored his commitment to us.”

Obama in Berlin:

“Minutes before he spoke to a quarter of a million people in Berlin, he was standing around with us talking and joking with members of his Secret Service detail. He heard his own introduction and turned toward the stage without ceremony or drama. His aides often use the word serene to describe him — and it’s accurate.”