Brian Williams Knew Something Was Up with the White House Party Crashers

By Chris Ariens 

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So, how do two people get into the White House when they’re not supposed to be there? Balls, mostly.

Virginia couple Michaele and Tareq Salahi are the focus of a Secret Service investigation, looking at the breach of security that allowed the uninvited guests access to Pres. Obama’s first state dinner Tuesday night. The Salahis stayed long enough for cocktails and photos — plenty of photos.

Michaele Salahi had her photo taken with CBS News anchor Katie Couric, ABC News anchor Robin Roberts, Vice President Joe Biden, chief of staff Rahm Emanuel and others. The pictures were later posted on the Salahi’s Facebook page.

WNBC-TV called Michaele Salahi “an aspiring housewife” for Bravo’s upcoming Washington DC version of the show. The NYTimes reports Bravo has been “following and filming the couple” for several weeks. The production company working with Bravo was told by the Salahis that they were invited to the dinner. NBCU owns Bravo.

Another of the tvnewsers at the dinner, Brian Williams, always the reporter, noticed something funny before he even got to the White House. He and his wife Jane were delayed by the Salahis. Williams tells NBC News, “What attracted our attention was, there was at least one camera trailing them, and a make-up woman got out and fixed the woman’s hair and started powdering the man’s forehead. My wife and I thought that was strange for people who were dressed like state dinner guests.”

Williams says he spotted them again, on White House property. “We encountered them during cocktails and I remember saying to my wife ‘That’s them, that’s the couple we saw on the street with the make-up detail and the camera following them.'”

So, we’re wondering if this hurts or helps her chances of getting on “Real Housewives?” Either way, their 15 minutes will be stretched a little bit longer: the Salahis will be guests on CNN’s “Larry King Live” Monday.