Brian Williams’ Dirt Track Stock Car

By Brian 

Did you know NBC Nightly News anchor Brian Williams has a “tiny interest in a dirt small track stock car?” That’s what he told viewers on the Late Show with David Letterman last night. “I’m a gear head as well, and so I get to ride that around the track and work on the ball joints,” he said. From the (rough) transcript:

 Dave: Let’s define terms. When you say dirt track stock car, what is that engine?

Brian: Aspirated engine, body panels of an ’83 Buick or something. The lowliest level of what people know as a stock car. It could run on the street for eight or nine minutes before the [state police?] were in the rear-view mirror.

Dave: Is it financially friendly? You don’t have to have a huge budget to run these?

Brian: It’s an enormous money pit. I write checks for that. I get my name on the rear corner panel and ride in one free Friday feature night a year. There it is…

“Dirt track in Montana on a Friday night is about the most fun you can have,” Williams said. Maybe we can get ahold of a photo?