Brian Rooney, Laura Marquez, Lisa Fletcher Among the ABC News Correspondents Cut

By Chris Ariens 

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ABC News correspondents Brian Rooney, Laura Marquez and Lisa Fletcher (right) are among the ABC reporters whose contracts will not be renewed as the network looks to shed anywhere from 300-400 jobs by the end of the year.

Rooney, who is the son of “60 Minutes” commentator Andy Rooney and the uncle of Fox News Pentagon producer Justin Fishel has been with ABC since 1988 and covers the West Coast as a correspondent based in Los Angeles. In a note to colleagues (after the jump), Rooney writes, “A funny anchorman I knew in Chicago used to say, ‘One day we will all be justifiably fired, but for the wrong reason.’ My time has come.” The news was first reported in West Coast news site, The Enterprise Report.

Marquez, an Emmy-winning correspondent based in San Francisco, has been with ABC News since 2004, joining from ABC O&O KGO. Marquez is battling chronic breast cancer while continuing to work full time as a correspondent.

Lisa Fletcher, one of ABC’s newest correspondents having joined from ABC affiliate KNXV in November, 2007, is known for her investigative reporting for ABC News programs.

Another West Coast correspondent, Mike Von Fremd, will be staying on with the network for the time being. He made the shift from Dallas to Los Angeles in 2008 for ABC.

From: Rooney, Brian
Sent: Tuesday, March 23, 2010 8:22 AM
Subject: To all ….

Word travels quickly in this business and I want as many of you as possible to hear this from me first.

Late yesterday I was told that my 22 year career at ABC News is over. I have not survived the reorganization.

I cannot tell you the depth of my emotion at this time. I am having difficulty as I write. I have yet to tell my children but at the moment my thoughts are of all of you and the time we have had together. When I spoke at the end of Kate O’Brien’s meeting I walked away thinking I did not do justice to what I think of all of you and the memories I have. You are smart, funny, enduring. You are the odd breed that rushes into danger and disaster when all the traffic is going the other direction. And you have done it with such grace and humor even in the worst of times. You have all done so much for me, far beyond my ability to thank you.

I have been steadily employed as a reporter for 35 years, and it seems to have all passed in a blink. I don’t know what the future holds, but I hope someone will pay me to continue being a pain in the ass.

A funny anchorman I knew in Chicago used to say, “One day we will all be justifiably fired, but for the wrong reason.” My time has come.