Bret Baier’s Covering GOP Debate for Instagram

By Mark Joyella 

Fox News chief political anchor Bret Baier, who will be a moderator of tonight’s Republican presidential debate, has taken on an additional role: Instagram photographer.

Baier, who has 28,000 followers in Instagram, will be the first news anchor featured on the social network. Baier will be taking photos and videos behind the scenes at the Detroit debate and sharing them with the 142 million followers of Instagram’s official account.

The first photo, showing Baier on the debate set, includes his insight on what happens during the commercial breaks. “A lot of the candidates come up to the desk and work the refs a little bit…’I’m not getting enough questions,’ etc.”

Fox News will also be assigning photojournalists to cover the debate for Instagram–the first time a cable news network has done so. The exclusive content will be featured in a special photo and video collection.

In one photo posted to Instagram Thursday morning, Baier stands outside the “(appropriately) named Fox Theatre in Detroit. I’m ready to start the day with Megyn and Chris for final debate prep.”