Bret Baier Slims Down For Election Day: ‘I feel proud of this guy’

By Merrill Knox 

Fox News anchor Bret Baier offers a candid look at his recent weight loss in the Washington Post. Baier, who says he looked “pleasantly plump” on the air before embarking on a diet and fitness overhaul, has lost more than 40 pounds since August:

On Tuesday night, when he co-anchors Fox News’s election night coverage alongside the always-svelte anchor Megyn Kelly, he’ll announce political victory while privately celebrating a personal one. He now weighs less than 200 pounds, on track to have lost 45 pounds in three months. And he embarked on this weight-loss challenge in the final throes of campaign season, when traveling political reporters typically pack on the pounds thanks to deep-fried county-fair food, pizza binges and late-night restaurant fare. Because of his new physique, he’s having many of his Hickey Freeman suits taken in. He’s lost more than five inches in his waist alone.

“I feel proud of this guy,” says Baier, pointing to a recent image of his slimmed-down self. “But I do think, ‘Wow, I spent a long time as this other guy.’ How could I stay like this for so long?”