Bret Baier: ‘It Was a Mistake and for That I’m Sorry’

By Mark Joyella 

Fox News chief political anchor Bret Baier has apologized for suggesting in a report this week that indictments were “likely” in an investigation of the Clinton Foundation, using wording that Baier later described as “inartful.”

On Fox News Channel’s Happening Now Friday, Baier explained he was talking about whether investigations would continue after the election. “I answered that, ‘yes, our sources said it would. They would continue to likely an indictment.’ That just wasn’t inartful, it was a mistake and for that I’m sorry … It’s obviously a prosecutor who has to agree to take the case and make that case to the grand jury.”

Baier told Jon Scott he stands by the sourcing of his story, and hopes to get sources on the record–and perhaps on camera–as early as late Friday.

Thursday NBC News aired a story that questioned the Fox News report, and the Clinton campaign called the reporting “baseless.”