Breaking News Friday

By Chris Ariens 

…as Shepard Smith might call it. But Shep’s off today, Gregg Jarrett was manning Studio B. The tense situation at Hillary Clinton‘s Rochester, NH campaign headquarters is just one breaking story the networks are following today. In addition to Carl Cameron on the scene for FNC, CNN’s Anderson Cooper, who happened to be in New Hampshire covering the camapaigns, reported by phone from Rochester.

And as that story was breaking just before 1pmET, news crews in Chicago were already covering a train wreck involving a Amtrak passenger train on the city’s south side.

Then at 3:36pmET MSNBC’s Chris Jansing broke the news that the Kalpoe brothers (of the Natalie Holloway case) have been released from custody in Aruba. MSNBC crime analyst Clint Van Zandt was doing double duty on the Holloway and hostage stories.