Breakfast With The Woodruffs: ‘Bob Can Read A Teleprompter Better Than He Can Read The Newspaper’

By Dylan 

TVNewser was invited by Ladies’ Home Journal to a small morning breakfast this morning honoring Bob and Lee Woodruff.

“Bob can read a teleprompter better than he can read a newspaper.”


That was one of the quotes from yet another media event held in honor of Bob Woodruff. Over a breakfast of fresh seasonal fruit, poached egg and banana crepes organized by Ladies’ Home Journal, 20 or so gathered to hear Bob, his doctors and his wife, Lee, speak about his recovery from injuries sustained in Iraq last January, his newfound advocacy for better healthcare for wounded soldiers when they return home and the importance of family in the recovery.

> Other notes: Bob’s vision still is impaired, but he has compensated for it. “He has trouble at the net,” Lee said, referring to his tennis game. “And he still hits his head on things.”

> Mount Sinai doctor Mary Hibbard says ABC was instrumental in Bob’s recovery: “ABC was ‘big brother’ to Bob.”

> Bob had to leave the breakfast early to catch a plane to Houston. “Always the reporter,” said LHJ‘s Diane Salvatore.

> Lee added to the anecdote Bob has told a number of times during his recent press tour for his ABC News documentary, To Iraq and Back, and new book, In An Instant (which was written mainly by Lee) — that Lee didn’t want him to go to Fallujah, the only time she had enacted “veto power” on one of Bob’s trips to the region: “I told him, ‘You have kids. Someone [at ABC] without kids needs to go.”