Bookin’ Bloomberg

By Brian 

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Pretend you’re a CNBC segment producer, assigned the task of finding a guest to talk about HP earnings, and you’ve run out of leads. What should you do Here’s a tip: Don’t e-mail the competition at Bloomberg News.

A tipster — you can guess where they work — forwarded this e-mail along. We’ve deleted the name of the poor CNBC producer. The tipster can’t resist commenting: “When Mom and Dad want financial news, they look to CNBC, but when CNBC wants business news, they have to go to Bloomberg!”

 From: [Name of CNBC segment producer]
At: 8/16 11:08:54

Hi [Name of Bloomberg Reporter]-

I am a booker with CNBC. I see that you cover tech for bloomberg.

I was wondering if you could give me a hand with sources for H-P.

I am trying to book a live interview this afternoon with someone who can talk about H-P earnings soon after they come out.

There aren’t any analysts avaliable..and I’ve tried them all.

Are there any fund managers, or people of that ilk that you think might be appropriate for the spot?

Many Thanks,

[Name redacted]
Segment Producer, Closing Bell