Bomani Jones' Farewell From The Morning Jones

By Marcus Vanderberg Comment

Tuesday morning marks the final day of The Morning Jones on The Score Sirius 158.

Hosted by Bomani Jones, the sports radio host and Around the Horn regular shared his thoughts on the end of a successful 18-month run:

“On a personal level, it’s hard for me to be terribly sad. That’s largely because I know, when things are right, I’ll be able to work with everyone again. And, if things go as I hope they will eventually, we’ll be able to do the same thing we’ve been doing, just better.

The guys at Serious Sports, whom I’ve worked on videos with for the last two years, are still in Raleigh and still ready to work together. Shannon Penn and I can’t get together every Saturday morning, but we figured out how to get together to make those mockumentaries work. I’ll still hit Petey Green up for beats. Corey will one day be a big famous boxing commentator, and I’ll hope to still be relevant enough to, at the very least, book him as a guest. And Mike will still run the streets of Chicago.

Sacha, of course, will always be the kaaaaang. There’s always room for royalty.

And the people who listen will still be as connected as they so choose to be. You might be shocked to know how many people have established legitimate friendships through The Morning Jones. Hell, I can even name a couple that moved in together – and I’m talking about pack-up-your-shit-and-move-halfway-across-the-country move – after meeting, effectively, through our radio program.

You hate it when stuff like that goes away, but that’s not nearly as much fun or productive as celebrating what it was. So Tuesday morning, we’re going to do a radio show. We’ve only got one more chance to do it as we’re presently constructed. We’re gonna live it up, and nobody’s going to be angry.

At least I won’t. And if I won’t be, and I won’t be getting a check next month, I think you’ll be okay. This is the business I’ve chosen, and these are the sorts of things that happen.”

Best of luck to Bo and the other employees of The Score directly impacted by Sirius pulling the plug on The Score Satellite Radio this week.