Bolling & The Bet: Double or Nothing?

By SteveK 

This morning on Fox Business Network’s Money for Breakfast, Eric Bolling addressed the yearlong bet he made with Jim Cramer last year on CNBC’s Fast Money. Bolling stopped appearing on CNBC in August, and has been a frequent guest on Fox News & FBN since.

“I want to ask you about a bet you have with a certain gentleman, who’s name we will not speak on the Fox Business Network, but he’s known for ‘Booyah!” said FBN anchor Peter Barnes.

“Can I say his name?” asked Bolling. “No he’s a good friend of mine. Jim Cramer’s a very good friend.”

Bolling described how his picks significantly beat Cramer’s predictions, and made another challenge: “Hey you know what? Double or nothing, Jim.”


Mr. Cramer — the ball is in your court.