Bolling On Fox & Friends

By Chris Ariens 

Looks like Eric Bolling won his case in court last week. A TVNewser reader noticed the former CNBC contributor was back on Fox News Channel this morning. CNBC lawyers had challenged a clause in Bolling’s non-compete with CNBC that allowed him “occasional, non-regularly-scheduled guest appearances” on other programs.

>Another emailer writes: “Bolling, Fox and Friends, good fit.”

After posting the first email below this morning, I received the second, this afternoon:


• “Bolling is a TV wanna-be who would routinely email and call CNBC anchors, me included, begging to come on. He made it clear he wanted a ‘TV career’ in addition to trading. By the way he trades natural gas. How that makes him a stock guru is beyond me.”

• “I’m another anchor at CNBC who was pretty close with Bolling. Never once did he push himself on my show or self-promote. In fact, he often did CNBC favors by rushing over when another guest crapped out. Bolling is a self made millionaire who from the get-go said he didn’t need to do t.v. and was in it because it was fun.”