Boies Talks Runway on the Scoreboard

By SteveK 

David Boies made one stop on the tube last night, as he headed to FBN’s “America’s Nightly Scoreboard.” One reason he may have bypassed some of the other stops? Boies is the high-profile lawyer representing the Weinstein Company in their lawsuit with NBC over Project Runway.

Boies was interviewed by FBN’s David Asman last night over the phone, and Boies explained the crux of the Weinstein’s argument. “Even though the Weinstein Company was not legally required to give them the right of first refusal, the Weinstein Company tried to get NBC Universal to agree to pay a market price for this series. NBC Universal declined to do that. What happened is they booted it,” said Boies.

“Maybe we should have NBC on,” Asman said (wouldn’t that be interesting).

“Well to some extent you will have to ask NBC, but to try to explain their theory, back in January of 2007 NBC wrote a letter that said that they were entitled to a right of first refusal,” Boies said.