Bob Woodruff’s Full Time Return

By Chris Ariens 

The NYTimes’ Jacques Steinberg writes about Bob Woodruff‘s full time return to ABC News. Steinberg writes, “Mr. Woodruff has recovered to the point that he has returned to work full time as a correspondent for ABC News on its various programs, including ‘World News’ and ‘Nightline.'”

“While he is not yet comfortable reporting live — he still struggles to find the right word at times, or he substitutes one (like syllable) when he means another (synonym) — he has traveled an unimaginable distance from those dark, early days last year, when he would look at a picture of scissors and be unable to say what it was.”

Woodruff tells Steinberg, “The good news is that I’m getting my ability to do journalism again.” “It’s probably not going to be 100 percent in the same way it was before. But in some ways I’m 120 percent better than I was before. My wife has even said I was kind of a jerk sometimes, and now I’m not.”