Bob Schieffer ‘Stunned’ Cuba News Wasn’t Leaked: ‘This is Just a Bombshell’

By Chris Ariens 

SchiefferCubaBob Schieffer says he’s not only “stunned” by the news that the U.S. is normalizing relations with Cuba, but by the fact that no news organization saw it coming.

“I’m as stunned as everybody else is around here,” said Schieffer during CBS’s special report. “Washington is not good at keeping secrets, but this is a secret that obviously held. The few people who knew this was going on certainly held it to themselves and it did not leak.”

“I came of age when Fidel Castro was the enemy,” said Schieffer who’s been with the network since 1969. His first big story came at the age of 26, as reporter for the Fort Worth Star-Telegram, covering the assassination of Pres. Kennedy.

“This is just a bombshell. I’ve never seen something quite as unexpected as this happen in a long, long time around here,” said Schieffer.