Bob Costas/Larry King: Evening Roundup

By Brian 

Following up on this morning’s announcement: Is Bob Costas the next Larry King? “I was aware that question was inevitable…I understand that, but really, it’s [only] for the next year — it’s twenty shows — and I think I’m well suited to do it, based on what I’ve done in the past. I know I’ll enjoy it and they made it so that I can fit it in very nicely with my existing schedule,” he tells Newsday.

Also in Newsday, here is Jon Klein’s best quote of the day: “We’d have to be bigger idiots that you might think we are to contemplate something like [replacing King.].”

> Verne Gay calls it “easily the most intriguing TV news talent move of the year.”

> King “wholeheartedly'” endorses Costas as a guest host and has invited him sit in the show’s control room during taping, Klein tells Bloomberg: “They are personal friends and admirers of each other.”

> Costas, who “once pinch-hit for Larry King as a stream of consciousness-style columnist at USA Today and mimicked him by pronouncing his love for arugula, now will do the honors as King’s regular substitute host on CNN,” this story says.