Bloomberg’s “Small Army Covering” The Crisis

By SteveK 

Bloomberg is a big name on Wall Street, and on days like today when the market is the story of the day, it enters the spotlight even more.

“This is an issue that is going to affect everyone going forward,” Bloomberg TV (U.S.) managing editor John Meehan tells TVNewser. “We have the opportunity to really expand the audience and invite other viewers who wouldn’t typically see us.”

One of the ways Bloomberg aims to accomplish that is its strong global presence. “Bloomberg news has more than 2000 reporters,” says Meehan. “We have a small army covering this particular issue from every angle you can imagine.”

Bloomberg, which was live, and is live, every Sunday night with feeds from other countries, spent even more time this weekend with the Lehman story breaking. Dispatching a team to the Fed for coverage all weekend, Bloomberg was feeling ready this morning. “We had people in place to follow what was a very fluid situation,” said Meehan.

Tonight, Bloomberg airs a special, “Reshaping Wall Street,” at 6pmET, anchored by Betty Liu. “Money and Politics” at 9pmET will cover the opening of the Asian markets and the latest Wall Street news. At 10pmET, Tom Keene anchors “Night Talk” and interviews John Ryding, chief economist at RDQ Economics.

Meehan says Bloomberg TV’s goal is to help those watching. “Viewers want to know when this is going to be over,” he said.