Biz News Booking Battles

By Chris Ariens 

Interesting perspective in an email to TVNewser, on the CNBC/FBN booking battles including the exclusive branding. From an insider:

Interviews with business leaders are very different compared to the first interview with someone like Larry Craig that NBC got. The difference is billions of dollars are at stake with investors when you have someone on first. One would say that the winner of this war is going to be who can get the interviews and information on first.

Whether it is FOX, Bloomberg or CNBC, investors need the information to trade on fast and first. Whoever has it on first is the winner. So far, I would have to say that Bloomberg and Fox have both followed CNBC on all the big market moving interviews this week.

Example: FOX has on the CEO of X company and he just announced on the air that they were going to buy another company. As an investor you want to trade on that company right away so you can make money before the stock goes through the roof. If you don’t have that info your investors are not going to be happy.

Let the games begin.

>More. Another emailer puts it this way: “FBN’s swipes at CNBC ‘exclusive’ interviews annoy the hell out of me, but I’m not surprised because FBN is the new, fledgling underdog and they want to stand out and appear as a rogue business network.”