Biz Nets Have CES 2010 Covered

By Chris Ariens 

NBCU and FOX are representing again at this year’s Consumer Electronics Show. NBC, as broadcast partner for the CES, has crews from NBC News and CNBC here. And FOX sent FBN anchor Liz Claman where this afternoon she broke some news during an interview with Dreamworks Animation boss Jeffrey Katzenberg: that Shrek I, II and III are going to be converted into 3D.

Claman also had a biz network exclusive with Ford CEO Alan Mullaly who was a keynote speaker this morning. Network insiders confirm with TVNewser that CNBC passed on having Mullaly as a guest when he turned up first on FBN.

And in addition to eight live shots already on CNBC, we caught up with Silicon Valley Bureau Chief Jim Goldman who was doing cross-talk interviews with NBC affiliates. And this comes off Goldman’s 14-live shot day on Tuesday with the Google Nexus news.

And working on the west coast (we’re in Las Vegas) for east coast-based networks makes for long days. Claman’s been up since 3:45am, Goldman since 1:45am.

• We’ll be talking with CNBC’s Maria Bartiromo tomorrow.

• And while 3D TV is getting a lot of the buzz at this year’s show, new eReader devices are also wowing the crowds. We got a glimpse of The Que, from Plastic Logic and attended a briefing on the Skiff Reader, which is so new we weren’t allowed to take pictures of the device. Our new blog eBookNewser has that part of the story…