Bill O’Reilly, Parade Magazine Cover Boy

By Brian Flood 

Fox News host Bill O’Reilly is on the cover of the Sunday supplement Parade. On his show last night, O’Reilly called the article “fair.” The title, Bill O’Reilly Is Killing It, is meant to mirror a cover from his Killing series.

O’Reilly’s next book, Killing Reagan, will be released September 22 so this weekend’s Parade cover is the start of a promotional push. An excerpt:

O’Reilly expects that critics on both the far right and the far left will take aim at Killing Reagan. “As soon as I announced the title, we were attacked by people who like Reagan on the right,” he says. He expects “the left will attack me when the book comes out.” He knows criticism is inevitable from those on both ends of the political spectrum who “don’t want any dissent from their points of view,” but is determined to write what he believes is “honest and right”—regardless of the flack that might come with it.

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