Bill O’Reilly Opens Show Talking About Bill O’Reilly, Trashing Bob Beckel

By Chris Ariens 

Sandwiched between two GOP debates on Fox News, Bill O’Reilly began tonight’s show talking about the reaction to last night’s show, 20 minutes of which was an interview with Donald Trump, milkshakes and all.

And while he complimented CNN’s Anderson Cooper on his coverage of the interview, O’Reilly took former Fox News analyst Bob Beckel, whose time at Fox News came to a bitter end 7 months ago, to the woodshed. Here’s how O’Reilly summed up the coverage of the interview:

CBS morning news, fair. ABC’s Good Morning America, fair. The Today show used a reporter, Peter Alexander who said, I all but begged Trump to do the debate. MSNBC we don’t even monitor anymore. CNN was strange. They use their usual hatchet men to attack Fox News, but Anderson Cooper was fair. The worst: old Bob Beckel.

O’Reilly played a soundbite of Beckel saying O’Reilly is “scared to death of Megyn Kelly because Megyn Kelly has been beating him in ratings.”

“Of course that is absolutely false,” said O’Reilly. “And that’s why Beckel doesn’t work here at Fox anymore.” Actually, the reasons run much deeper than that, but we don’t have time for all the details. There’s another debate coming up.