Bill O’Reilly: ‘Donald Trump Should Cease’ Attacks on Megyn Kelly

By Chris Ariens 

At the end of his show Bill O’Reilly took a few moments to throw his support behind his colleague Megyn Kelly who was the target of a twitter tirade by Donald Trump last night, her first night back from a 10 day vacation.

Finally tonight the Factor tip of the day. Loyalty. Last night after speaking with me here on the Factor Donald Trump once again tweeted some not nice things about Megyn Kelly. Not good. The debate issue should be buried. It’s over. Folks can make up their own mind. Fox News chief Roger Ailes once again stood up for Megyn because Roger is a loyal guy. And as the general here he protects his troops. Roger Ailes has defended me countless times against unfair assaults by vicious media people. The Kelly/Trump story is relevant to me because I am friends to both of them. They both bring things to America that are worthy and positive. Ms. Megyn has taken the high road by not responding. Donald Trump should cease. And Roger Ailes is a stand-up guy.

Last night, both O’Reilly and Kelly each topped 3 million viewers–massive for Monday night in August (for comparison, O’Reilly’s Q2 average was 2.46 million, Kelly’s was 2.1 million).

At the start of her show tonight, Kelly reported on the removal of Jorge Ramos from Trump’s Iowa news conference, then discussed it with FNC media reporter Howard Kurtz, who made a sly reference to the Kelly/Trump battle: “Donald Trump loves to pick fights with prominent journalists and keep the fights going especially if they are back from vacation.”