Bill Murray as Golf Caddie?

By Noah Davis 

D.A. Points won the AT&T Pebble Beach National Pro-Am on Sunday, but the real story was his playing partner. (Well, the real story was Points’ breakthrough, but the more interesting tale is that of the man with whom he paired.)

Bill Murray played well enough that he and Points took home the Pro-Am crown. The actor laughed and goofed the entire way, and after the round as well.

“I’m thinking of turning pro,” Murray told the Silicon Valley Mercury News. “I probably won’t.”


But could he be a caddie?’s golf crew debated that very subject.By all accounts, Murray’s antics helped Points stay loose on what otherwise would have been the most pressure-filled day of his career. SI senior writer Michael Bamberger suggests maybe Murray could take over Tiger Woods’ bag. That, of course, wouldn’t work (and the comment is presumably tongue-in-cheek) but a golfer with a happier disposition might benefit from having Murray around.

Elsewhere in the chat, Gary Van Sickle makes another relevant point:

“It was nice to see CBS finally embrace Murray. For years, he has been ignored and given tee times away from the camera while CBS focused on its sitcom stars (who were never remotely funny on air) or the impressionist from Vegas whose name escapes me. This is great vindication for Murray and the best thing to happen to this tourney in a long time.”

It’s smart of CBS to highlight the Caddyshack actor. Although the network and the officials may not be happy about focusing on an actor rather than a golfer, Murray’s antics play to the crowd and the viewing audience. In the wake of yet another negative story about Woods, the sport needs good guys.