Bill, Lesley. Lesley, Bill

By Chris Ariens 

So what’s a former network correspondent do after decades in the business? If you’re Bill Lagattuta, you make art. Lagattuta, last seen on CBS’ 48 Hours, has a website devoted to his paintings. But there’s also a rather interesting section titled, My Other Life. It goes into great detail about Lagattuta’s years as a correspondent.

Beside a picture of Lagattuta on a boat is the caption “covering a series of gruesome murders in Australia, I chartered a boat, filled it with food and booze, and expensed it to CBS as ‘special lighting gear.’ Please don’t tell them.”

Next to a photo of the 48 Hours on-air staff: “this is the official cast photo of 48 hours, but not everyone was really there. The host, Lesley Stahl (next to me) was airbrushed in later. To this day, I have never met her.”

And we’d sure like to know who Lagattuta is refering to when he writes about an “insane” executive producer.

A CBS News spokesperson tells TVNewser Lagattuta is no longer with the network, but that “he did excellent work for CBS News for many years.”