Bill Clinton In The Situation Room Today

By Brian 

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A great get: Former President Bill Clinton will speak with anchor Wolf Blitzer on today’s Situation Room. This press release says the interview will air live during the program’s 3 p.m. segment. (Update: 12:03pm: The Note says the interview “has the potential to rock your world and be the biggest political event of the day. (Insert your own personal “Situation Room” joke here.)” Other Sit Room items:

> BCBeat’s Rob Biederman gives TSR a thumbs-up after three hours of live-blogging. “This show is exciting, has a lot of energy, and is generally informative. But can they keep it up 3 hours per day, 5 days per week?,” he writes…

> FishBowlDC: “Just for the record, Wolf Blitzer’s ‘The Situation Room’ did a little better on its second day. No, we’re not talking about ratings. As opposed to the first day, where he mentioned the name of show 58 times, he only said it 53 times the second day.”

> Tuesday ratings: 452,000 viewers between 3 and 6pm.