Beyond Covering the Crisis In Puerto Rico, Some TV Newsers Are Helping Those Most In Need

By Chris Ariens 

CNN and CBS News continue to provide the most robust coverage of the continuing crisis in Puerto Rico, where Hurricane Maria made landfall 9 days ago.

CNN, and its channels CNNI and CNN en Espanol, has 8 reporters on the island: Leyla Santiago, Bill Weir, Ivan Watson, Boris Sanchez, Bryn Gingras, Rafael Romo, Maria Santana, and Dr. Sanjay Gupta who, while reporting on the health crisis for some, helped transport a sick patient.

“I’m a doctor, we can take the patient. Time is of essence. We can do that.”

CBS News’s David Begnaud has been reporting from one of the hardest hit towns, Aguadilla, where relief supplies are just beginning to arrive. Omar Villafranca is reporting with the U.S. Marines and Dr. Jon Lapook is reporting on the urgent health care needs.