Between Politicians and Pundits, Brokaw Aims for New Target

By Chris Ariens 

NBC’s Tom Brokaw is looking forward to a bit of a break post-RNC before this Sunday’s Meet the Press, even if it’s only for 48 hours. “I’m trying to get back to Montana, before going back to Washington…It’s bird hunting season,” the former Nightly News anchor tells TVNewser. Brokaw’s designs on taking a break from on-air work were dashed in June when he was tapped to be interim moderator on Meet the Press.

Then on Sunday, he was asked to be primary anchor from here in St. Paul while Brian Williams reported on Hurricane Gustav from New Orleans.

Brokaw tell us he’ll stay on at MTP for “a couple weeks after the election. And you can put that in there,” Brokaw joked as he once again eyes a more limited run on NBC. After all, pheasant hunting season in Montana begins Oct. 11.

As for this Sunday’s show moderated from St. Paul, the numbers are after the jump…

Overall in the metered markets, Meet the Press delivered a 3.7/10 HH rating and share, 48% ahead of This Week’s 2.5/7, 85% more than Face The Nation’s 2.0/6, and 147% more than FOX News Sunday’s 1.5/4.

In the Minneapolis/St. Paul market, MTP delivered a 3.0/12, 15% ahead of This Week’s 2.6/10, 76% more than FOX News Sunday’s 1.7/8, and 100% more than Face The Nation’s 1.5/6.

In New York, MTP delivered a 3.1/10, 55% more than This Week’s 2.0/6, 94% more than Face The Nation’s 1.6/5, and 665% more than FOX News Sunday’s 0.4/1.

In Washington, DC, MTP delivered a 4.3/13, 48% more than second place FOX News Sunday’s 2.9/8, 95% more than Face The Nation’s 2.2/6 and 105% more than This Week’s 2.1/6.