Bernie Sanders Supporter Dick Van Dyke Accuses CNN of ‘Extreme Bias’

By A.J. Katz 

Legendary actor and entertainer Dick Van Dyke has voiced his support for Bernie Sanders in recent days, writing a guest column in The Hollywood Reporter, and making appearances on multiple news networks, including a conversation with John Vause of CNN International this past Friday. But Van Dyke, who, in his best-known role, played comedy writer Rob Petrie, has a serious bone to pick with CNN.

In a Facebook post, he says he was given 10 minutes to speak with Vause about his support for Sanders, but that the interview was never shown. He says the interview was preempted due to another “outburst” by Donald Trump, and he accused CNN of showing “extreme bias,” and that “pandering to the scandal hungry public is a total lack of responsible journalism.”

What Van Dyke apparently didn’t know is that the original interview did in fact air, but only on CNN International, from 12:21 a.m. – 12:26 a.m. ET Friday morning. The 12-4 a.m. ET block of CNNI programming is typically simulcast on CNN/U.S. But, we’re told, CNN never had plans to take CNNI Friday morning due to The Eighties replay, which ended up getting bumped for an AC360 replay covering a Hillary Clinton speech, Trump response, and subsequent protests. Which is likely what Van Dyke saw, and objected to.

CNNI re-aired a condensed version of the interview in the 1 a.m. ET hour, and then posted it to Here’s a look: