Beef Between Rachel Maddow, Stuart Varney?

By Brian Flood 

Rachel Maddow of MSNBC recently took on Fox Business’ Stuart Varney for his piece on falling gas prices hurting President Obama. Maddow mentions the current “unusually low” gas prices and points out that conservative media typically blames Obama when gas prices are high. She even used a “screenshot” from Varney’s show to demonstrate her point.

Well, Varney fired back this afternoon on his show, saying Maddow “got it wrong” and called Maddow’s commentary a “factless rant.” He went on to say, “she twisted the truth to fit her agenda.”

Is this friendly bickering or legitimate beef among cablenewsers? Watch the clips below and tell us how you feel in the comment section.

First, Maddow on Varney:

Now, Varney on Maddow: